Dental Professional Associates treats adults and children ages 3 and up. Our office is computerized and fully equipped with digital X-ray and 3D scanning capabilities and the modern facilities to provide a full range of dental services. Doctors Lamb, Davis and Griffin have the education and experience to perform most procedures right here in the office. Our patients appreciate the convenience and time savings of being treated by their own dentist in familiar surroundings and are only sent to specialists in rare cases.




Complete Capabilities and Current Technologies

Orthodontics -We use the Progressive Orthodontics custom appliance system that allows us to achieve optimal results in the minimal time possible. The system’s advanced software helps us create a completely customized diagnosis and treatment plan using individual appliances for each tooth. With this coordinated archwire-bracket system, we are able to fit your mouth perfectly for better comfort and faster results.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Ask us about the many choices available to improve your smile, including bonding, veneers, ceramic crowns and home whitening.

Implants – Our Sirona 3D scanner is a valuable tool in helping us diagnose whether there is enough healthy bone for a successful implant, and in preparing the site. Because it allows us to do the smallest scan necessary, the dose of radiation is lower than a full-head scan. Scans can be done here in our office, saving patients the time and hassle of making an appointment at a hospital or imaging center. Implants are usually done in one or two stages, depending on the individual case.

Pinhole – The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST®), invented and patented by John Chao, D.D.S., is a scalpel-free, suture-free procedure for treating gum recession.

This procedure is performed by making a small hole with a needle in the gum tissue. Using specially designed instruments, the gum tissue is loosened and guided over the receded part of the tooth. Since there is no incision or suturing, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (pain, swelling and bleeding). Most patients also are pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement.

Hard- & Soft-Tissue Graftings
Routine Exams
Periodontal Maintenance
Crowns & Bridges
Removable Partials
Root Canals

The front desk is courteous and professional. Dr. Lamb took the time to patiently evaluate and educate me on my dental health – going as far to show me how to effectively brush and floss my teeth. Although I am 62 years old and should know this, Dr. Lamb and Julia made me feel valued and empowered. I look forward to preserving my smile! In addition, Tracy diligently discussed my insurance options and guidelines for me to continue treatment! Thank you!